MB337 - Sylvie nipple clamped

October 25, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

The super gorgeous fashion model Sylvie is back! She is so delicate and tiny, a tight chastity belt looks big on her! But she definitely needs a chastity belt, she is so naughty! She also needs nipple clamps. But Sylvie would take them off after a few minutes, because they hurt her poor nipples too much. So we need to get her hands away from her boobs. The usual RigidStock was locked onto her neck and wrists (a bit heavy for tiny Sylvie but hey), but much to our surprise she could still reach the clamps! So we had to take more extreme measures: we locked her hands into steel mitts! Geez, it’s hard to make this tiny fashion model suffer a little!!

6 Responses to Sylvie nipple clamped

  1. WendyNeko says:

    What is the most painful for her: the clamps or the weight of the steel?
    The belt looks wide! The steel stuff looks actually big!

  2. Forestier says:

    Rigidstock AND stell mitts? Isn’t that not overkill?

    • WendyNeko says:

      No. If she can reach her nipple clamps despite of spreader, she needs a “better protection”. It’s Metalbondage.com with heavy steel, not MetalJewelry.com!

    • Mariusz says:

      Generally it is but certainly not in this case! She could still touch her boobs. However, a bit of a more elegant solution would be these heavy yokes that lock ankles with the wrists in between!

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