MB360 - Cute young slave girl

April 3, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

Cute 19-year old Jessica isn’t really sure if she likes metal, but she is… let’s say ‘intrigued’. We saw her and we immediately knew we wanted to lock her into heavy restraints! She is so sweet and innocent, heavy steel would be a great contrast! Like big heavy ankle cuffs on sports socks, padlocking her legs tightly together. Or a heavy belt so we can cuff her wrists behind her back! And of course a very heavy collar attached to a slave post with a heavy chain! Now, if you are thinking: ‘hey, she is only 19, why all the heavy bondage gear for this poor girl?’, you are probably on the wrong website. We gave Jessica a few minutes to escape, but she failed, so we took the keys and kept her. Hopefully forever.

4 Responses to Cute young slave girl

  1. someextra work says:

    I agree but the pink shorts should go either a nice heavy chastity belt or nothing at all if she wanted pink a nice gag in pink one that created a lot of liquid to flow from the mouth. I will bet that Wendy would agree with me on the belt and gag then she would be so !!! jealous !!!

    • WendyNeko says:

      The gag, I disagree. I don’t like to be gagged, so I don’t expect other girls to be gagged. However, chastity belts, every girl should wear one (me the 1st). And a heavy one, as she wore here: http://www.chastitybabes.com/archives/3161.
      And yes, I’m really jealous of MetalBondage chastity belts. I would love t meow on this square of floor, meow to beg for my freedom. Or to see an other girl doing this =^.^=
      After all, you gave some girls dog bowls, why not adopting somme kitty-girls?

      Jessica was so great here and on http://www.chastitybabes.com! More of her please =^.^=

  2. slavelabor says:

    Can we at least keep her in that collar forever?

  3. Owl says:

    Any chance of getting Jessica back for shoot on one of the Fotoro sites?

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