MB370 - Birdy Dee framed

June 12, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

A tall blonde with a tiny waist! Time to get our 58cm waist cincher out of storage. Birdy Dee is definitely the tallest model ever to be locked in this small locking waist belt. It’s an amazing fit, restricting her breathing and keeping her posture. But that’s not enough! We go all the way over the top here, with heavy collar, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, thigh bands, and even nipple clamps. Birdy Dee is locked to a frame, arms and legs spread wide, and all she can do is stand there, on display, nipples hurting, trying to focus on her breathing. Heavy steel bondage!

One Response to Birdy Dee framed

  1. WendyWarrior says:

    This posture is really impressive! and this waist cincher, happy to see it again!

    Chains, plenty of chains for Birdy Dee! she is great =^.^=

    Just for this picture I think about becoming a member…

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