MB371 - Sophia Smith in the Ballet Stocks

June 19, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

Please welcome the incredible Sophia Smith to MetalBondage.com!! We are so proud to have her (in metal)! Sophia likes a good bit of bondage, she told us. And by that she means rope. But we don’t do rope. We do very heavy metal devices. And we make sure the models don’t get too naughty by locking them into tight metal chastity belts. Sophia was in her FancySteel chastity belt within seconds. And the Ballet Stocks are an even better tool to stop her from touching herself. She was determined to escape from this seriously heavy device that made her keep her hands raised high above her head. Sophia is so awesome, we could watch her struggle all day long!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Ballet Stocks, Chastity Belt

5 Responses to Sophia Smith in the Ballet Stocks

  1. WendyWarrior says:

    Good luck Sophia! good luck to escape!

    I don’t like ropes so much, I prefer heavy steel.

  2. foobazz says:

    Absolutely great – this girl AND the restraint!
    Steel is even better than ropes, i think too! ;)

  3. John says:

    Ballet stocks.

    One bar prison.


  4. DarthFugue says:

    Placing a sub in a “One Bar Prison” – PLUS, the “Ballet Stocks” – will, definitely, keep them in their “place”! :-)

  5. Forestier says:

    Nice C-belt.

    How long can a girl wear a ballet stock, I wonder.

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