MB414 - Misha – Metal Horse test

April 16, 2017 ---- picture set and video clip

A new attachment for the One Bar Prison! The Metal Horse will keep a girl on her toes! Who better to test this with than the fittest MetalBondage babe of all: Misha! This girl has got muscles, let’s hope her calf muscles are strong, because she is going to need them if she wants to avoid the metal triangle to split her in two! Well, it’s not that bad, but it’s not comfortable either. We lock her ankles to the One Bar Prison, so she can’t step off the Metal Horse, and then we raise the device so Misha is on her toes. Perfect! Misha’s legs will tire soon so she will have to rest on the triangle. Medieval torture methods often were as evil as they were genius. They used wood, we use metal!

2 Responses to Misha – Metal Horse test

  1. Marco says:

    Very nice idea, but I would have kept the vaginal or anal plug together with metal horse but would remove the custom steelbound ankle cuffs.

  2. Dave says:

    Love the one bar prison, but can we see lots more of this too.

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