MB465 - Tiffany in the Rigid Box Tie Device

April 8, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

The awesome Tiffany has tried so many of our devices already! She has been with us for 8 years now and she still comes back regularly to get locked in metal! She was never locked in our Posture Trainer before, so let’s change that today! Tiffany will find out that this device is impossible to escape, and (as a bonus) it gives her a perfect posture! We also add heavy ankle cuffs and a metal ballgag, to make her life a little bit more interesting. Don’t worry though, she will be back for more, Tiffany always comes back!

One Response to Tiffany in the Rigid Box Tie Device

  1. Mariusz says:

    You hit the nail in the head with this update! Gorgeous model, sexy and inescapable neck to wrist bondage and metal ballgag! She looks so sexy you just want to keep her locked up and throw away the keys ;-)

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