MB469 - Ulysse – exposed

May 6, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

New girl Ulysse is pretty cute! She is from France, and she wanted to try some metal gear with us. She did not expect she had to be completely naked on her first shoot, but at least she was locked in a big collar. Ulysse was very curious when we handed her the RigidSpreader, and it didn’t take her long to guess where her ankles and wrists would go. Moments later, she was already sitting on the floor, locked in this very awesome device. There was nothing she could do to escape. She tried to struggle but she kept falling over on her side, leaving her completely exposed!! We love Ulysse! Let’s hope she comes back to try a lot more of our gear, it seems she likes to play and struggle, and we love watching her!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Padded Medium Collar, RigidSpreader Jo-2

2 Responses to Ulysse – exposed

  1. John Darlington says:

    WOW!! Ulysse in 469 is absolutely wonderful!! Please do many more in this style.
    Showing her on display as if for sale is beautiful. I went to this site primarily for the
    one bar prisons but Ulysse has shown a new and exciting style…
    Thanx and regards, member

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