MB476 - Dani Divine – helpless

June 24, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

The spectacular Dani Divine is back! Wearing one of her many amazing outfits (and towering heels), she seems ready for a new challenge. We add a tight collar and heavy wrists cuffs, because we think it makes her outfit look even better. Dani liked it and she posed like it was a fashion shoot. Until we added the custom made Upper Body Harness to her collar with a huge padlock… now Dani was getting a bit worried, especially when we crossed her wrists behind her back and chained them to the steel harness. She was helpless now, even with the key right in front of her there was no way to escape this metal contraption. A stunning girl helpless in metal, don’t miss it!

2 Responses to Dani Divine – helpless

  1. Nolita says:

    Still not a fan of pasties….besides that, great update. Dani is a girl who should spend a lot more time in bondage

  2. BD Scrivener says:

    Good idea. Hot model. Looks like a Ken Marcus photo shoot–practically all full-profile from the front. Needed to see more rear-view shots. Dani has a very sexy rear, and I wanted to see more of the bondage in the back. I like the electrical-tape pasties.

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