MB475 - Melissa Mendini on the Metal Horse

June 17, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

Very awkward! That’s how Melissa would describe this predicament after today’s shoot. And she is probably right. She stands in her heels with her legs cuffed to the sides of the One Bar Prison with the Metal Horse attachment. She can’t move at all! Although she can turn a little from side to side, she can’t lift her pussy off the awkward metal triangle. Melissa felt like she was on display! We added the RigidStocks, even though that’s not really necessary, but Melissa looks awesome in stocks (we know this from previous updates). We love creating nice metal statues from gorgeous and famous glamour girls. This is a work of art! So beautiful! Melissa wasn’t nearly as impressed as we were…

4 Responses to Melissa Mendini on the Metal Horse

  1. socair says:

    She looks incredible and the steel work just enhances that.

  2. nolly says:

    Wow, Melissa is incredible! She looks so nice, you should lock her up way mor often. … There is only one thing about this update, I don’t really understand. Isn’t the wooden pony – or metal horse ;-) – suposed to be an item of predicament bondage? (i.e. a bondage situation in which the sub can choose betweed a rock and a hard place) Now with Melissa being supported by high heels, what exactly does the metal horse attachment do here? I can’t really understand its purpose in this setup – besides looking good (which isn’t a bad thing). Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want Melissa to suffer more than she wants to and if she wants to wear those high heels – I’m ok with that and I honestly admire her for the courage and trust she puts into you as a photographer in doing all this. But I’d like to unterstand…what’s the horse thing good for – if not for the horse thing?

  3. Dave says:

    Great update, more please.

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