MB490 - Muriel and Nova in the dungeon

September 30, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

Remember Muriel’s visit to the dungeon? Her friend Nova wanted to get chained up too! So they both went back to the dungeon to get chained together. It was a great experience for both, two nude friends, together in metal bondage. Muriel was locked in chalet cuffs and Nova was restained with long spreader cuffs. Nova’s wrists were behind Muriel, so they were stuck together. They got ankle cuffed, and then a heavy crotch chain was added and locked to the ceiling. One girl’s movement would definitely be felt by the other girl. Trying to keep still wasn’t as easy as they thought!

2 Responses to Muriel and Nova in the dungeon

  1. Forestier says:

    A dungeon, a more imaginative setting, finally!

  2. LatexLover648 says:

    Muriel looks so hot here, would love to see more of her, maybe even in full chastity gear next time

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