MB493 - Liz Rainbow – steel heels

Added October 21, 2018 ---- 128 pictures + 5:13 minutes of video

We continue our quest to develop our own steel heels (locking of course), as the previous attempt was only moderately successful. Today, we can present you with a brand new pair of heels! Different style, a platform, taller heels, and generally looking more awesome. We are also introducing a new girl to test these heels: the famous Liz Rainbow! She always has a different hair color, this time she had blue hair. We gave her a blue jewel butt plug to match her hair, before she attempted to wear the new Steel Heels! Check out the video and picture set to see how that went!

4 Responses to Liz Rainbow – steel heels

  1. John says:

    Has Liz Rainbow ever been on the one-bar prison?

  2. Michael says:

    Very stylish and sexy. Next time paint those toenails. :-)

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