MB542 - Clara boob cuffed to the wall

September 29, 2019 ---- picture set and video clip

We gave new girl Clara three neck cuffs. She was a little confused, as she only has 1 neck, but she soon worked out where the other two should go. They were attached to the wall by a chain, so she would be stuck by only her boobs for this afternoon. It can be quite frustrating having big boobs that can be cuffed. Models sometimes feel it is not fair they get some challenges that other models can’t do. Clara has always been happy with her big breasts, but not today, she would need a key to be released, where other models would just have walked away. Life is not fair!

One Response to Clara boob cuffed to the wall

  1. David says:

    Another fantastic update, not every model is capable of been restrained using boob cuffs, but those that are should be. Great work, keep it up. Maybe one day we could have boob cuffs and the one bar prison together? Cheers.

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