MB548 - Arabella – boob band pet

Added November 10, 2019 ---- 115 pictures + 5:18 minutes of video

We made custom fitted boob bands for our pet slave Arabella! They are extremely tight, she keeps trying to get them off, but it’s impossible without the key. She will be allowed out of her cage, on a leash, and she can have a little drink from her bowl. Arabella’s eyes are begging us to unlock her metal boob bands, but we are not going to. She will have to get used to these tight cuffs on her chest. After all, they look awesome on her, don’t you agree? Tight is right! Arabella will learn, she’s a good pet.

One Response to Arabella – boob band pet

  1. David Watts says:

    The boob cuffs look amazing, her breasts are turning pink they are so tight. Not really a big fan of pet girls or cages. Could you possibly use the boob cuffs and the one bar prison? Cheers.

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