MB571 - Playmate Dominique framed

April 19, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

One of the most gorgeous and elegant girls in our model selection, Dominique is a tall stunning professional model who loves a bit of fun. We have been shooting with her for many years, she is always in for some heavy steel bondage. This time, she will be locked in a steel frame, spread eagle style! Dominique gets padlocked into a tight waist belt, a heavy collar, and a scold’s bridle. It all locks on so she can’t remove it. She is then chained standing spread eagle to a pipe frame. Her waist, ankles, wrists, and head are locked to the frame. She can’t move much at all!!

One Response to Playmate Dominique framed

  1. zombie rotten mcdonald says:

    I love Dominique, especially her lifestyle chastity posts. But although the brank is awesome, this video left me out. I found the lack of struggle and vocalization to be off-putting.

    Until I realized she COULDN’T struggle or make objections. The bondage frame left her no movement, and there was probably some packing behind the brank.

    It was really well done.

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