MB593 - Britney – hair chained

September 20, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

Britney is a tall exotic dancer, she never stops moving! Her incredible body consists mainly of endless arms and legs, with amazing flexibility. Time to challenge Britney! We lock her into our Custom Muzzle Posture Collar, and a tight metal waist belt. Her hair is up in a bun, and we lock a cuff around it. It’s a new experience for us and for Britney, who is suddenly quite limited in her dancing. We add another hair cuff, and lock her arms in the very small steel armbinder. Britney’s hair is now chained to the ceiling! She struggles and tries to pull, but she can’t quite free herself. Hair cuffing is fun, we are going to develop something special for this soon!!

One Response to Britney – hair chained

  1. Nimbo says:

    Would love to see some hair suspension, but i know it will never happen. But cuffed hair is a good start!
    imagine what you could do with a long ponytail

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