MB594 - Lina Roselina – wall orgasms

September 27, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

Tiny Lina is back! She is so much fun to work with, because she is small and light and flexible! It’s fun to build things for her because she loves to try ANYthing. We made a frame for her to sit on, so her feet couldn’t touch the floor. Her ankles were locked to the frame, so there was no escaping. We screwed her wrists to the wall with brackets, which was a bit scary for Lina but very exciting. Then we installed a magic wand to be exactly on her clit and turned it on. There was no way Lina could escape the vibrations, and soon she was lost in her own world. Yes, she really had an orgasm… or two… or three…

One Response to Lina Roselina – wall orgasms

  1. Lostarion says:

    Great Update! Lina is so cute. I like her being so curious and her dedication to experiments.
    The start of the scene is so cool, we can see her wrists being fixed! It brings a lot of action.
    The sitting frame allows to distract and reward the models with a magic wand or a fucking machine (see “Darina Nikitina – wall fucked”) – what a cool idea! Maybe next time the frame can be combined with “clit milking” (like on hucows.com)?
    I love beautiful girls being restrained to a bondage frame and then “connected” to machines. It would be cool to see this more often or even have a site (“MachineBondage”?) to cover this aspect (see my thread in the Hucows forum).
    Stay healthy and have a nice evening.

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