MB644 - Yasmine – doll stand

September 12, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

The doll stand was such a great vulnerable and restricting position, I just wanted to do it again. This time with the gorgeous Yasmine! The concept is quite simple: lock a scold’s bridle to an overhead pipe. Then lock the wrists to a steel belt. Finally, hinged handcuffs on elbows! There’s no escape from that, and the girl will be on full display, completely helpless. Like a doll, held in place. On high heels of course, Yasmine is a playmate and she can stand in heels forever, so no problem there! Let’s just admire her and watch her get more and more frustrated!

3 Responses to Yasmine – doll stand

  1. John in NH says:

    Perhaps combine this with the one-bar prison…?

  2. Morgan says:

    I wonder what this would be like on a model who *can’t* stand in heels forever. Could make for an interesting predicament.

  3. MetalMan says:

    Did you forget the chastity belt?

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