MB658 - FoToRo presents: the Steel Ballet Heels!

December 19, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

After years of searching and developing, and also a lot of failures, I can finally present to you: the Stainless Steel Ballet Heels! They are beautiful! I invited the gorgeous Mila to come over and try them. And that turned out much much harder than expected. These shoes are bondage! Mila locked herself in the shoes, and I took the keys. She tried standing up but it was very hard. Mila is not a trained ballet boot wearer, so she got a few cramps. Also, these shoes are super heavy. In the end, Mila had to admit defeat, without the keys she wasn’t going anywhere. Watch the video to see her efforts, she is just so stunning in these locked Metal Ballet Heels!!

5 Responses to FoToRo presents: the Steel Ballet Heels!

  1. Claude Thibaud says:

    Hello, I would love to see one of the models with an iron mask, it would probably be absolutely perfect for this site. Thank you

  2. Arthur K. Li says:

    To begin with, mila is a beautiful lady and sh looks fantastic wit these ballet boots. But the lady who will be able to stand in them, let alone walk in them, should first have a proper ballet training. See for example Alexandra Potter. BTW, why not ask ALexandra yo come to your site and wear these extraordinary shoes ?

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