MB111 - Tanya crucified

June 26, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

Tanya came back for the fourth time, she just can’t get enough of this! She was locked in her trusty white chastity belt in no time, and we told her we had something special in store for her. Cooperating with some members, we came up with a method of fully restraining a girl while still leaving her fully exposed (well… if she had not been wearing a chastity belt, that is). Tanya is made to kneel in front of a steel cross, her ankles are locked together behind the pole. With her wrists attached to the cross bar, there is no way she can stand up or even move much. Which in turn makes for a fairly non eventful video clip, but we just like to watch immobilized girls :-)

One Response to Tanya crucified

  1. Tom says:

    I think Tanya likes to have the chastity belt on, and also be locked, so that’s why she comes back. Just to thank her and hope she this time were able to keep the belt on, even when she went home.

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