MB117 - Laetitia anchored

August 7, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

Laetitia, our young pet slave who (up till now) thought every shoot was very funny. Maybe because we did not put her into something really heavy yet? We constructed a huge anchor out of heavy steel pipes to test Laetitia’s strength and obedience. Fully cuffed and collared (and belted of course, it is her third shoot), Laetitia tries to lift the anchor. She can barely lift it off the floor. So far, so good. We attach her five steel restraints to the anchor, but the anchor is so heavy that it is pushing her over backwards. We decide to give her some more movement by adding a little chain to the collar. Now it is perfect! Have fun, little Laetitia!

4 Responses to Laetitia anchored

  1. Tom says:

    Why look chastity belted girls so much better?

  2. Michael says:

    Laetitia looks hot in chastity. I will add every model need to be chastity belted, even on the first shoot. Why be too nice to these willing bondage babes. Customers are paying to see vaginas locked away in cold steel.

    • Forestier says:

      “Customers are paying to see vaginas locked away in cold steel.“
      No, I pay to see babes shackled in steel. CB are not always necessary.

      Laetitia is a nice girl, and would be as nice w/o a CB.

  3. kumar says:

    MB 117 is very effective for long time wear,,,,,

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