MB339 - Cory – Treadmill and heavy thigh bands

November 8, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Cory is a tiny girl, but she is very tough! You can add kilos of metal to her and she will just keep struggling and moving! So she would be the perfect candidate to test if it’s possible to walk in heavy thigh bands on the treadmill! Well, she will have to! There is no way she can stop the treadmill since her wrists are cuffed behind her! The thigh bands are so heavy they pull her waist belt down at the back, but the waist belt is also held in place by chains to the metal frame. Cory is in high heels on this unstoppable machine! Can she manage this with her eternal smile? Or will it be too much?

3 Responses to Cory – Treadmill and heavy thigh bands

  1. Pat says:

    Some Ben Wa balls aught to turn that frown of her’s upside down. Or maybe that plug of yours, or even the elcetro one on a light TENS unit should be pleasurable.

  2. Pat says:

    Or how about some gentile nipple clamps a-swinging?

  3. george says:

    Who allowed Cory’s Panties?

    Cory’s Boobs call for running shoes, a fasted speed, and no panties.

    George. 8/144/21

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