MB387 - Jenni C in the Posture Fiddle

October 9, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

Beautiful girls in beautiful metal! We just love locking the world’s most gorgeous girls in unique and heavy steel bondage designs. We haven’t used the Posture Fiddle enough, not for all the work that went into it. It is a unique contraption and it’s not easy to be locked into this piece of gear. It’s almost impossible to move your arms, not to the side, and not up and down (because of the very tall collar). Jenni C finds out she is stuck in this device, but she can always run away. So we attach a pair of chains to her ankles and waist, making it very awkward for her to stand up. She is so beautiful when she gets frustrated!

One Response to Jenni C in the Posture Fiddle

  1. Paul says:

    I would like to see Jenni C ballgagged

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