MB386 - Satin Bloom impaled

October 2, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

We have known Satin Bloom for a very long time. And we did some crazy things to her! But never something like this! We told her about our One Bar Prison: it is impossible for a girl to escape this device (if she wears high heels), but Satin did not believe us. Nor did she want to try it. After a few weeks of teasing her, telling her she was just afraid she couldn’t escape, she finally had enough and wanted to prove to us she would easily escape this device. If she couldn’t, she would have to put her dress back on and stay there for 30 more minutes. Guess what happened?

4 Responses to Satin Bloom impaled

  1. Tom says:

    That they don´t learn, that it´s impossible to get away from the One Bar Prison. But it’s good, because we enjoy watching.

  2. Dude says:

    I’m looking forward to when you have two girls on your two prisons at the same time, love when they put on a dress over the prison.

  3. NikkiMarie says:

    I love this idea and I so want to be impaled and not able to escape that torment. I love the inhibitor bar that jg Leathers uses in his creature restraint.

  4. Graylion says:

    I’d like to see a guy in that.

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