MB434 - Melisa Mendini – spring action

September 3, 2017 ---- picture set and video clip

This is fun! We found some high tension springs and we immediately thought they would make a great predicament bondage. So we grabbed our tiny friend Melisa Mendini and we put her into a metal hogtie. Two springs were connected to her wrists and two springs to her ankles. Now, one spring is already a lot of tension, but two springs are definitely too much for cute Melisa to hold down. She tries to lower her wrists and ankles by pulling the springs down, but she can only hold them for a second, after which her arms and legs are raised automatically. Melisa doesn’t really like the arched hogtie, so she tries to pull on her wrists and ankles again and again to get a little relief. But her strength is fading quickly and the springs are winning! It’s beautiful to watch her get tired (and pulled back up)! Don’t miss this!

One Response to Melisa Mendini – spring action

  1. Pat says:

    As if this weren’t cruel enough by its self. If you really want do be a jerk, you could pull out the violet wand for or nipple clamps and either sting or rubber bands. either of those might take her mind off of her shoulders.

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