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MB791 - Marta Klinta – nose chain

July 7, 2024 ---- picture set and video clip

The amazing steel girl Marta Klinta was in my studio and we had a great time discussing steel and predicaments. She was already wearing tons of steel, including a chastity belt, chastity bra, many collars, wrist rings, and ankle rings. Marta is just the ultimate metal bondage model, she actually wears all of this gear in real life! On top of that, we found out that day that she is extremely flexible. I cuffed her elbows in the Bagno vise, and her wrists in Irish8 cuffs. The challenge for her was to get out, but of course it is not possible to escape these elbow cuffs. When she couldn’t do it, I decided to lock her heavy septum piercing to the slave post. She just had to sit there, unable to escape, chained by her nose! It was one of the best days ever, I hope she will come back soon for more metal play!