MB680 - Aubrey – steel prisoner

May 22, 2022 ---- picture set and video clip

In this picture and video set, Aubrey is in a prison cell, locked in millions of kilos of steel. She does not enjoy this at all. It is very painful and unnecessary. There is so much steel, she can’t even move. She is afraid to lie down. Aubrey is locked in a full chastity outfit, including belt, bra, and thigh bands. She is also locked in super heavy SteelBound restraints: a collar, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and elbow cuffs. Two pairs of cuffs are added to each of those heavy steel cuffs: on her ankles, elbows, and even 4 pairs on her wrists. A pair of thumbcuffs makes her set complete. The guard comes and locks a chain to her collar and pulls her out of her cell. She is moved to a wall, where she is restrained even further: Aubrey is chained to the wall by her elbows and ankles, and an X-chain to finish off the position. Poor Aubrey!

2 Responses to Aubrey – steel prisoner

  1. Marga says:

    Wow, wonderful collection of restrictive steel. I wonder how long it is possible to be locked up in such a way, and if it is a challenge to achieve it.

  2. Walther says:

    This is the best update of this page. A prisoner in chains with complete chastity protection. just awesome. I would also like to see a “making of” here.

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