All updates featuring Janna

MB087 - Janna nipple clamped

January 9, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

Something about Janna Grace makes us want to gag her really tight. First of all, Janna loves when she starts drooling (she really does!), plus it gives her a really angry expression. A nice comfortable RigidStock ensures Janna will not attack anyone. And to make her even more angry, nipple clamps were added, as requested by so many of you. She may like the bondage, but she really hates the stinging pain of nipple clamps. There is absolutely nothing she can do about it, thanks to the wonderful design of the RigidStock. But even with no way to take off the clamps, or the gag, Janna is still going to try. She has to, because these clamps are hurting her like hell! Good luck Janna!

MB066 - Janna in a RigidSpreader and a huge ballgag

August 15, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

It seems we have neglected to gag our models lately… we were probably too busy with all the new girls and gear we had! Unfortunately for Janna, this time we remembered to use a ballgag – a huge one, which almost none of our models can take! Janna tries, and she manages to get it into her mouth. We quickly locked her into the RigidSpreader before she can take it out again! Janna Grace is definitely one of the upcoming fetish models on the internet. Look how easily she can do the RigidSpreader hogtie, a very hard position, even when there isn’t a huge ballgag strapped tightly into your mouth!

MB055 - Janna in tight metal bondage

May 30, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

Janna is a kinky and wild girl! So we decided to lock some really tight gear onto her pretty body. The super tight waist cincher and a drool inducing chrome gag were just the right things for Janna. We couldn’t leave her hands unrestrained of course, otherwise she would be out of the gag in no time! Our very heavy stock provided the right level of helplessness. Janna did not like the belt, but now there was nothing she could do about it. She did manage to break our gag (don’t worry we have strenghtened it since), which actually makes a very impressive video you will have to see!

MB044 - Janna in full chastity

March 14, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

Poor little pet slave Janna is still a little shy. We decide to leave her alone for a while, to get used to her new life in metal bondage. She is in a tight chastity belt and a steel cable chastity bra. A tall posture collar and a tight ballgag make sure she doesn’t forget her position as a pet slave. We have to lock her wrists to her belt of course, so she can’t take off her gag. The bondage prevents her from getting comfortable, but she still tries, a little scared and hesitant. It’s so much fun to just sit back and watch this girl come to terms with her metal chastity bondage!

MB036 - Introducing pet slave Janna

January 17, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

This week’s model is very promising! She loves tight bondage and gags, and she is not afraid to try anything. Standing in ballet boots while having your arms pulled back by heavy upper arm restraints and wrist cuffs can be dangerous if you lose your balance. But Janna can do it, she is a tough one! The video shows her struggling against her restraints while her mouth spreader makes her drool all over her chastity belt! Must see!