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MB075 - Carie caged

Added October 17, 2010 ---- 91 pictures + 5:02 minutes of video

Carie is here for her second time, even though she is a little afraid the easy stuff is over. Last time she could roll around, be silly and have fun. This time she will be stuck in our heavy cage with no room for movement. We make her head poke out of the cage’s small built-in locking collar. Young Carie starts to complain right away. It is too awkward to be sitting like this. So we just ballgag her. And lock her wrists to the upper corners of the cage. Carie moans and mumbles… she is very uncomfortable. A perfect moment to lean back and start recording some video. Come on Carie, the keys are right in front of you!! Hehehe…

MB074 - Bella is afraid of metal

Added October 10, 2010 ---- 74 pictures + 5:06 minutes of video

Most people would be far more terrified of taking their clothes off than to be locked into metal bondage devices. Our models never seem to be ‘most people’. In fact, our newest bondage slave girl Bella was mortally afraid of any of our items. She would have given anything to do ‘just’ a topless shoot. But that’s not what we want to see, and neither do you. Locking this petite girl into metal took quite some convincing. We used our heaviest wrist cuffs, collar, and waist band… not to shock Bella, but because they were a perfect fit. Bella calmed down a little when she was collared. And having her wrists secured to her sides made her even more relaxed. Now that’s therapy!

MB069 - A brand new chastity belt for Hailey

Added September 5, 2010 ---- 84 pictures + 4:45 minutes of video

We have fitted our blonde pet slave Hailey with a brand new chastity belt! We are not sure if she likes this one better, but we certainly do! It does not have chains in the back, it is a more solid design. It is also ergonomical at the waist line, and it has nice white lining. Let’s see Hailey strip for us and show us her new belt! We think she has come really far in her training, without any commands Hailey takes off all her clothes and connects her neck to our slave pole. She also attaches one wrist herself, and she only needs help with her other wrist (of course). Good Hailey! Now stay…

MB067 - Welcoming Carie to MetalBondage

Added August 22, 2010 ---- 81 pictures + 4:54 minutes of video

Please welcome raven haired Carie to! As with most new models, we take it easy on her. Just getting her used to wearing heavy metal, so she will know what to expect next time… or so she thinks… Carie is collared in our custom made heavy collar, but we have some brand new toys for her too: a pair of tight cuffs with a fixed heavy chain and a nice long spreader bar for her ankles. Carie feels right at home here at, although she does not believe her bondage is inescapable. Oh well… let her try… she will calm down eventually!

MB063 - Christina on all fours

Added July 25, 2010 ---- 77 pictures + 3:57 minutes of video

Our submissive pet slave Christina is back! She is in a chastity belt, heavy collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs. A five point restraint system is assembled to keep her in a nice sitting position. This device is very heavy, but Christina doesn’t complain… she never does. For the video, we put Christina in a doggy style position, securing her collar, wrists, and ankles in a very rigid way. It will be nice to watch her cope with this. Sit back and enjoy… a classic beauty in steel!

MB061 - Penelope in a tight waist cinch

Added July 11, 2010 ---- 58 pictures + 2:51 minutes of video

We found another pet slave for our collection! Penelope is very tall, proud, and full of temperamental spirit. In other words, she is someone we love to see completely helpless in metal bondage! And Penelope has a problem already: she is very tall and our waist belt is a custom made one-size only. Will it fit? As you can see, it does, although it is very very tight on her, giving her that great hourglass look! This is hot! We make her sit on a low rail and lock her ankles and wrists to the ends. Penelope is collared, waist cinched, and on her knees. Not bad for a first time! She already promised us she will be back for more, so we can’t wait!!

MB057 - Vanessa’s escape attempt

Added June 13, 2010 ---- 84 pictures + 5:03 minutes of video

Our heavy bondage gear is not for the weak. Vanessa thinks she can handle it all: heavy collar, thick heavy cuffs on ankles and wrists and the big locking waist belt. We padlock her ankles together and her wrists to her waist. Her expression goes from happy to doubt to ‘are you kidding me’ to angry during the photo shoot… and then there’s the video. Some keys, a good luck wish and Vanessa is on her own. A beautiful struggle, very nice to watch. We would be impressed if she even gets one padlock open, but you never know…

MB056 - Jenni C in metal bondage!

Added June 6, 2010 ---- 89 pictures + 4:36 minutes of video

Yes, we managed to get Jenni C to model for our website. Sometimes we just get lucky! Jenni C is a well known face in glamour modelling, men’s magazines and nude art photography. Have you looked at those girls and wished they would do metal bondage modelling? Well, we have :-) So here’s Jenni C in her first ever metal bondage experience! Our new 5-point metal spreader bar is padlocked to Jenni’s collar and cuffs, but still she lights up the room! This girl is just radiating energy, she’s such a delight to work with. We have to get her back soon! Chastity belt anyone? ;-)

MB054 - MetalBondage pet slaves Tracy and Ashley Bulgari

Added May 23, 2010 ---- 78 pictures + 5:01 minutes of video

Today, we are very proud to add two more MetalBondage pet slave girls to our models page. Some of you may even recognise the stunning tanned beauty of Ashley Bulgari. Her close friend Tracy is equally gorgeous, although maybe not as submissive as Ashley. Still, these two girls are locked into very tight metal restraints and chained to each other… for your enjoyment! It’s a treat to watch these stunning bodies move around in metal bondage, ferociously testing their heavy bonds. Let’s hope these girls will return, because there’s so much more we can do with them ;-)

MB052 - Hopeless hogtie

Added May 9, 2010 ---- 73 pictures + 4:28 minutes of video

Christina’s bondage in this update is much harder than it looks. In the first position her wrists are attached to her belt using our custom spreader bars. These only move up and down (not side to side), but they are so long Christina can’t lift or lower her arms. Her upper body is completely immobile. No padlocks are used in this update, everything is screwed onto our paleskinned damsel. But when it’s time for her hogtie she is really screwed! With those rigid bars crossed, there is absolutely nothing Christina can do. A very beautiful sight… and a somewhat hopeless video…

MB051 - Converting Angela

Added May 2, 2010 ---- 82 pictures + 5:30 minutes of video

Meet our new model Angela: perfect body, perfect skin, sultry eyes… a real classy woman! After we lock some of our (equally classy) metal gear on Angela, we suddenly have converted this elegant girl into a MB pet slave. We love girls in metal (obviously), and seeing them in uncomfortable positions. So we attach Angela’s thick metal collar and her wrists to our slave cross. She does not seem to happy about it, as it’s very hard for her to find a comfortable pose. Add a shiny chrome strap ball gag to her beautiful face and she is now officially one of our girls! Welcome, Angela!

MB049 - A short chain for Jenny

Added April 18, 2010 ---- 64 pictures + 4:15 minutes of video

Our pet slave Jenny looks so good in her tight metal collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs. Let’s add a heavy chain to take away some of her freedom and make her feel more like a slave girl. We lock the chain to her collar and to her ankles, but we make it very short so she can not stretch her legs. Her wrists are cuffed to the chain as well, and all Jenny can do is curl up, trying to get comfortable with this new experience. Well, after she thoroughly tests her restraints of course… why is it that these girls always think they can break metal with their bare hands?

MB048 - Indy hogchained

Added April 11, 2010 ---- 98 pictures + 6:16 minutes of video

Indy is slowly getting into this metal bondage thing. She was a reluctant pet slave almost a year ago, but look at what she pulls off this time! We have chained her upper body and put her in some tight metal wrist and ankle cuffs. A red harness ball gag looks really good on her! We then hogchain her, locking her wrists to her back and her ankles too! A very nasty addition is the chain that goes to the top of her harness gag, so Indy has to keep her head up all the time, resting on her large breasts for support. How long will she be able to stay in this position?

MB045 - Vanessa caged

Added March 21, 2010 ---- 85 pictures + 4:49 minutes of video

Vanessa is so glad she doesn’t have to wear a heavy collar. Just the wrist and ankle cuffs and the chastity belt is bad enough, she thinks. We show Vanessa her new home. It’s a very heavy and sturdy metal cage! Reluctantly Vanessa crawls inside, and the door is padlocked shut. Only then does she realise the cage has a built-in locking collar, and she’s going to be locked into it! With her head sticking out of the cage, we then lock her wrists to the top corners of the cage, making her completely helpless. What would you do when you found her like this?

MB041 - Hailey versus our new locking system

Added February 21, 2010 ---- 69 pictures + 4:04 minutes of video

Beautiful new slave girl Hailey is cuffed in our newest set of heavy restraints. The belt is just unbelievable, very heavy, with many attachment points! The cuffs have a new locking system, which can only be opened with a special tool. They close and open very quickly, but without the tool Hailey is powerless. Finally we give her the tool to unlock her cuffs, but the belt and the collar are padlocked on her, so fortunately she can’t take those off!

MB036 - Introducing pet slave Janna

Added January 17, 2010 ---- 70 pictures + 4:59 minutes of video

This week’s model is very promising! She loves tight bondage and gags, and she is not afraid to try anything. Standing in ballet boots while having your arms pulled back by heavy upper arm restraints and wrist cuffs can be dangerous if you lose your balance. But Janna can do it, she is a tough one! The video shows her struggling against her restraints while her mouth spreader makes her drool all over her chastity belt! Must see!

MB035 - Ultra heavy collar and long spreader

Added January 10, 2010 ---- 47 pictures + 5:06 minutes of video

Little Gina seemed like a perfect victim to test this ultra heavy collar. Unlike other collars, that are bent and hammered into shape during production, this one is cut from a single block of steel. It weighs almost 2 kilos and it has four convenient attachment points. We locked it using a nut and bolt, and to make sure Gina can’t reach that bolt we put her in a very long wrist spreader. Frustrating!!

MB032 - Shenenne continues her training

Added December 20, 2009 ---- 83 pictures + 5:26 minutes of video

Our beautiful blond pet slave Shenenne has agreed to take her metal bondage training one step further… again. This time we will make sure she can not move at all. Her harness ball gag is attached to her solid steel waist band. Her collar, wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs are attached to a wicked metal frame which also supports her stomach for a perfect slave posture. No way out! She didn’t like it, but we sure did!!

MB031 - Deborah in heavy shackles

Added December 13, 2009 ---- 79 pictures + 5:40 minutes of video

It may all have been a bit much for Deborah. The heavy collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs. The heavy chain, attached to her collar like a leash. The spreader bars between her wrists and ankles. For someone who has never done or seen metal bondage, Deborah did very well, and she looks gorgeous in metal! We wonder if she will be back…

MB028 - Giovanna and the wheel of steel

Added November 22, 2009 ---- 72 pictures + 3:02 minutes of video

New slave girl Giovanna is initiated by our heavy shackle set: collar, wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. She looks gorgeous! We padlock her wrists and ankles to our new ‘wheel of steel’, a heavy metal circle with four attachment points. It proves to be very effective, as we had hoped. Giovanna gets to try to escape our new contraption, we even give her the keys. Will she manage to do it?

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